Exercises to live well with arthritis

Exercise is an important part of staying mobile and healthy when you have arthritis. Without exercise, your body may become brittle and prone to more flare ups due to lack of flexibility and movement. It’s important to build up an arthritis exercise routine that includes exercises in flexibility, strength and cardio so that you may reduce fatigue and strengthen you muscles and bones for better mobility.

Arthritis exercises that focus on flexibility and range-of-motion are vital to releasing the tension from your joints. Range of motion exercises may be practiced on land or in the water (such as a pool or tub). Tai chi and yoga are good, gentle ways of stretching the muscles and increasing flexibility.

When you have good muscle tone, you lessen the stress on your joints, protecting them from shock and injury. Muscle also helps you to move more easily. Isometric exercises allow you to work the muscle without moving the joint by tightening the muscle, then releasing it. When performing isotonic movements, you must move your joint using a weight or resistance.

Doctors recommend setting a goal of three to four 30 minute cardio sessions each week for arthritis sufferers. Exercises that work your heart and muscles effectively without too much strain on your joints are preferable. Swimming and bicycling are two excellent ways of getting aerobic exercise. Motorized bicycles, such as the Theracycle, promote flexibility, strength building and cardio with little impact on the joints.

Work with your doctor to create a feasible workout program. He or she will be able to recommend the best exercises for your specific type of arthritis and monitor your physical changes as they occur.