The pain of arthritis can be mentally and physically draining, but there are lots of ways to ease your pain and make your life more enjoyable, naturally — and the only side effects are a better mood, healthy weight loss, and more mobility. Natural arthritis treatments don’t simply focus on one symptom at a time like medications do. Rather, they treat the pain and emotional effects while supporting better health overall.

A healthy diet filled with foods that work to promote lubrication of the joints, ease swelling, and generate better digestion is the first building block to natural pain relief with arthritis. Exercises that encourage flexibility, strength, and endurance are easier with the aid of a diet made to suppress the swelling and pain of arthritis. Working out, in turn, boosts the endorphins that buoy your mood and keep you from the depths of depression. When you have these three bases covered, you’ll have your body working to the best of its ability so that you rely less on medications and assistive devices.

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